Keary McCutchen

Comic / Actor / Writer / Director / Producer

Stand-Up Comedy Coach

Versatile actor, irreverent comedian, and successful entrepreneur, Keary is the friend you always invite to the party in spite of yourself. Charismatic, thoughtful, sensitive and at the same time abhorrent, loud, and sardonic, Keary is like a plate of stale french fries, both unpleasant and irresistible.

Driven by his irrepressible passion for stand-up comedy and acting, Keary founded Creative Veins Performing Arts in 2017 in Jacksonville, FL. An outspoken critic of self-indulgent artists, supporters of the status quo, and those who exude mediocrity; he’s likened to a tenacious cockroach that just won’t die, but to those who work with him, his friends, family, and students, he’s recognized as a highly intelligent professional and passionate mentor with uncompromising standards.

(904) 472-1448

Atlanta, GA

Personal Summary

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Personal Skills
Stand-Up Comedy